Brickmania Tiger 131® Kit Now Available at The Tank Museum

BRICKMANIACS! After the epic collaboration between The Tank Museum®, Beyond the Brick, and Brickmania®, and the reveal of the officially licensed Tiger 131® custom military Lego® kit, you can now purchase the official Brickmania Tiger 131 kit from The Tank Museum store in Bovington, UK or online at The Tank Museum’s web store. Brickmania is very proud of this collaboration and the resulting kit. We are happy to support The Tank Museum in their efforts to maintain and revive these incredible historic vehicles.

Here’s more on this awesome collaboration and the resulting Tiger 131 custom military Lego kit…

As many Lego enthusiasts know, Beyond the Brick is an awesome YouTube channel that showcases epic custom creations, reviews upcoming Lego kits, and more. And as many military vehicle enthusiasts know, The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK houses an incredible collection of historical vehicles including the world’s only functional Tiger I tank. Right in the middle is Brickmania, the world’s premier custom military Lego company. After receiving the invite to head overseas and join Beyond the Brick in Bovington, the Brickmania team discussed with the Tank Museum about the possibility of revealing a new kit during the collaboration. As talks continued, it was soon clear that the iconic Tiger 131 would be that kit. Already known for his custom Lego Tiger I tank, Brickmania Owner Dan Siskind set about updating his previous model with new parts, colors, and custom printing to capture all the glory of the infamous Tiger 131.

Once in Bovington, the team joined Beyond the Brick for a meet and greet with fans and, for the first time, displayed the new Tiger 131 model. The kit includes a detailed playable interior and engine compartment with room for two minifigures inside the hull. Additionally, there are 27 custom UV printed elements including a Tiger I radio and custom Tiger commander in Tropical Uniform. Also featured is a hull mounted BrickArms® MG34 machine gun for the radio operator, a full 360° rotating turret, posable main gun, fully articulated tracks and realistic suspension, and four opening hatches for crewmen.

After the reveal, the team set about creating content for the Tank Museum’s YouTube channel. Such as the Top 5 Tanks with Brickmania embedded below.

Then, in a more familiar collaboration, Brickmania and Beyond the Brick took a deeper dive on several tanks, comparing the Brickmania models to the real vehicles they were created from.

Here’s a look at the Brickmania Tiger 131 model next to the real tank…

Here’s a look at the Brickmania M46 Patton model next to the real tank…

Here’s a look at the Brickmania Panther model next to the real tank…

Here’s a look at Brickmania’s T-34 model next to the real tank…

Here’s a look at Brickmania’s Churchill model next to the real tank…

Upon the Brickmania team’s return, they also released a micro scale model of Tiger 131 to be used in with the new Micro Brick Battle Rule Book Version III. Also officially licensed, the MBB scale version of Tiger 131 includes two custom printed 131 Lego plates, as well as rotating turret, and an accurate color scheme for the perfect micro tribute to the worlds only running Tiger I tank.

All in all, the trip was a success for each party involved. For those further interested in the creation of the Tiger 131 custom Lego model and the process behind using genuine Lego bricks to capture the essence of historical military vehicles, be on the look out for an upcoming article in Tracklink, the official magazine of the Tank Museum.

Happy Building!

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