Brickmania 2022 MOC Contests: Rules and Details

Brickmania 2022 MOC Contests

BRICKMANIACS! We’re thrilled to announce our Second MOC contest for 2022! Here’s what you need to know…

Brickmania MOC Contests will be held twice per year. Our current MOC contest theme is Spec OPS / Black OPS Build a MOC that represents a scene from a real or imagined special operation. Submissions will be accepted from now until Wednesday, December, 7, 2022.

All entries must be new creations, and they should be submitted to and follow the rules outlined below.


  1. We don’t adhere to strict LEGO MOC rules, however it must be a new MOC that you have created and not pictures of an older one. You may use vehicles that were built prior but the entirety of the MOC must have been built in the month of the contest. The background, terrain and buildings must all be new. The Only exception to this is if you are using Brickmania’s Normandy Bunker
  2. We can for legal reasons only accept your submission if you agree to license all intellectual property rights in it to us.
  3. We will be validating photo submissions to make sure they are new and original.
  4. You must have a valid email address so we can contact you.
  5. This must be a physically built MOC and not a computer generated render.
  6. You must send your MOC photo to and in the body of the email must include the following:
    • Full name
    • Name you’d like used on BrickmaniaTV should you be selected as a winner
    • Shipping address
    • Contact email
    • Contact phone number
    • NOTE: all entries must be made with English characters
  7. Using Brickmania products is encouraged but not required.
  8. You can submit more than one MOC provided they are completely different.
  9. We only select one photo per submission.
  10. All Brickmania employees whether full time or part time may not participate in this contest.
  11. Winners who have been contacted will have 24 hours to respond or we move onto the next finalist.
  12. Winners are announced on Brickmania TV in our New Release Videos.

Winners will have 24 hours to respond. If you haven’t responded within 24 hours we will move on to the next finalist. (We have a short window between selecting a winner and recording the SitRep to announce the winner.)

Prizes will be distributed on a tiered basis. Tier one is “Kit level” – winners will received a genuine brand new Brickmania kit announced closer to the conclusion of the contest. Kit prizes cannot be traded for other kits, tier two is “Mini-Kit Level” – winner will receive a brand new Brickmania mini-kit, such as the MUTT, UTV, or Schwimmwagen.

For this, past and future contests check out the official page HERE.

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  1. I am very excited to enter this moc contest! Quick question what does this mean? “Name you’d like used on BTV should you be selected as a winner”

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