Stay Home with Brickmania – Social Media Savings!

BRICKMANIACS! As more and more of us are confined to their living quarters for the foreseeable future, we want to see what you’ve done with some extra time on your hands!! Plus, for showing off your builds, we’ll send you an exclusive coupon for your next Brickmania order!

Here’s how it works…

YOU: Tag Brickmania in a social media post containing anything from Brickmania’s 2020 line (i.e. kits, minifigs, sticker packs, instruction books etc.) and use the hashtags #StayHomeWithBrickmania and #MyBrickmania

WE: Send you an exclusive coupon code via direct messenger to use on you next Brickmania order AND we’ll share your post to our story! NOTE: the code will be for one-time savings only.

It’s that simple! Create your content and we’ll send you a code! Just be sure to tag us and use the correct hashtags!

Happy Building!

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3 thoughts on “Stay Home with Brickmania – Social Media Savings!

  1. Nope! Right now our GHQ Store and Capital sore are open 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Tuesday through Saturday! The Chicago Store is closed due to the “Shelter In Place” order handed down by the state Gov.

    • Our Chicago store is closed per the Illinois shutdown. Oir store in Chantilly, VA (Washington DC) and Minneapolis are still open.

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