Brickmania Preorders and Promotions 4/17/20

BRICKMANIACS! Happy Friday! It’s a Friday, right? Quarantine as made us all a little crazy, and while Brickmania is continuing operations the team misses the of the hum of a well tuned HQ. Even so, we are happy to still be launching weekly new releases, preorders, and restocks while engaging with our fans at a continually increasing level.

Now to the good stuff! Here’s a look at the Friday launch from Brickmania…

Brickmania The Coloring Book is now available as a downloadable PDF as well as a physical copy.


Remember, at Plank Owner – Level 0-6 (Captain) you save 5% across the board in combination with coupons, discounts, and deals!!



Take a closer look at the new preorders and hear from Cody in Vol. 9 of the Brickmania Quarantine Chronicles:

Stay clean! Stay SAFE!

Happy Building!

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