Looking Forward


Our fans have begun opening their first copies of our Quarantine Edition Boxes, and those rare throwback boxes did their job of bringing excellent brick building kits to our fans safely. Although we are prepared for further disruptions in our supply chain, we can happily report that our regular large boxes have returned for future sets!

We are intensely proud that our warehouse and our flagship retail location the GHQ Store lives in the historic Thorp Building, which produced war materials during WWII and stands as an icon of Northeast Minneapolis to this day. The picture below that Dan took of the hallway is an indication of how quiet this wartime facility has become since the outbreak of COVID-19. We all look forward to a time when these hallways return to normal traffic levels and the artists and workers return in full force.

The next image is a exclusive look at the largest kit ever produced by Brickmania, the LCAC. These monsters of brick are made to order, so the only way to get your hands on this beast is to jump in on the next round of presales. With over six thousand and eight hundred bricks, these are showstoppers in their own right, but would be perfect for a modern-themed MOC with modern armor being transported to the shore.

As the world stays at home to fight the pandemic, we are reminded of the things that we cherish most. We know that sharing your newest builds online is only part of the fun. We all miss the fun of showing off how playable, swooshable and sturdy our models are with friends and family. From the first brick laid on a new release to the last, we hope that you are enjoying our work, no matter the box it came in or the time since you could last invite people over to show it off. We will overcome this crisis together, and what we built while at home will make a mighty good show when we get the chance to socialize normally again.

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