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As we have been taking you through our process here at Brickmania, this is a new room that we haven’t touched yet, but each of our kits has assets that come out of it. All of your instructions that help you build the most amazing historical vehicles in the world come from here. All of the box covers and sticker packs are produced in this room. We simply could not have accomplished what we have over the years without this part of the process. Having our own print team has allowed Brickmania to innovate and develop in ways that we could not imagine without them.

We will note that it is normally not so dark, these pictures were taken before the technicians had arrived. At one point in the not-too-distant past, these machines were on the other side of the building and in a much less spacious location. Now they are able to do their work in a temperature-controlled environment (which both the machines and the technicians can appreciate). This is one of the rooms and departments that have felt the least amount of disruption as we re-calibrate our procedures to account for social distancing, given their available space and separated work stations.

So the next time you open up your full-colored expertly crafted instruction books, or you peel the first sticker from the newest sticker pack, take a moment to think of the people in this room. This team helps bring historically accurate and exquisitely designed kits to your collection every day. Printing the best materials for the greatest toys on the planet gives us great pride. But even more than that, this room has also been producing The Coloring Book which is supporting the fight against COVID-19 and that, more than anything else, makes this a room full of winners.

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