Tomorrow, Today


Work continues in Designer’s Row, creating unique and brilliant new historical building kits for our fans around the world. Here is a look at just some of the boxes filled with brick and pieces that will be utilized in future creations. This is the material that tomorrow’s prototypes are born from. A designer can only break the mold and develop new innovations if they have the pieces to try it out with.

While the designers create tomorrow’s models and the production team sorts the brick for tomorrow’s new releases, we are all anxiously waiting to see the next build out in the wild. Like our fans, many of us have our own collections that we love to display and share. Below is one such collection, showing off one team member’s appreciation for American armor. Seeing our fan collections (and the new models that they’ve added) is one of the great joys working for Brickmania. If you would like to share your collection with us, use the hashtag #MyBrickmania so we don’t miss it!

While the world slowly begins the process of reopening, we all continue to learn new procedures and alter our workflow to protect our communities. Those of us who can continue to work from home are learning how to communicate and support one another without those much missed face-to-face interactions. Everyone here at Brickmania is continues to work tirelessly to bring our fans the best building experience in the world. We thank our fans for the unwavering support, knowing that the best job ever exists because of winners just like you.

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