D-Day Salute

Seventy-six years ago today, the free world hung in the balance. Brave men climbed into Higgins boats and Skytrains. That longest day would leave many on the beaches and landing fields, but the steadfast strength of the allied resolve brought eventual victory. We owe them for their valor, and honor them through advancing liberty.

Crossing the English Channel on D-Day by sea and air, soldiers faced undeniable adversity and overcame incredible odds. Those landing at Normandy advanced under heavy fire, through seemingly endless obstacles, yet nevertheless took the beaches. The paratroopers, though scattered and sometimes without their equipment, regrouped and achieved many of their strategic objectives despite.

Building and designing takes patience and attention to detail, which are helpful when studying history as well. Our kits and minifigures are built from the ground up with passion, and it shows in the quality of our designer’s work and is evident on your shelves. We have much to learn from history, and just like every builder knows, the details matter.

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