Over the Moon


As our fans have come to know over the years, we produce custom printed minifigures that break the molds and excite builders worldwide. Last year we began our “Minifig of the Month” program, which has been a huge hit in general, and this month’s breaks orbit in particular. The Apollo Astronaut is truly one of the most impressive minifigures in the solar system.

But these incredibly detailed works of art do not occur in the wild, and they are not created in the vacuum of space. The research and design that goes into each new minifigure is no small effort. Each custom image on each side takes hours to print. What many people don’t understand is that we have a limited production capacity and a catalog of amazing figures that goes back years. As a consequence, printing time is extremely limited, and many of these minifigures won’t be available for long!

We continue to be able to have Minifigures of the Month and produce some of the most amazingly detailed historical models and figs because of the support of our fans. Above you see just one stack of box lids from our paper print team, as they create all of the material you love to build with. You can also spy where they heat up their lunch. Thanks for buying not only these fantastic minifigures, but also our next meal.

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