A Pile of Pieces


Even some of the biggest kits we’ve ever made begin as a pile of brick. Such piles of pieces can be pulled from all over the world, and can be combined in a universe of different ways. Like all Master Builders know, what starts as humble beginnings and a mess of options transforms into a defined concept from the Designer’s Desk.

As the model begins to take shape, the history of the vehicle and art of our team blends together into the best build and the most satisfying display in the world of brick. We create exclusive pieces and printed elements that bring the kit to life on your shelf. Once in production, those pieces are bagged and sealed into the boxes that will ship them back into the world. Some pieces may have already traveled the globe, and others could mean the world to an aspiring builder.

Just like every piece in a kit makes it whole, every one of our fans makes Brickmania what it is today. Just as those exclusive and unique pieces help make our kits the very best historical builds. The time and attention paid to that pile of pieces ensures the finished kit is more than the sum of its parts.

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