From Sorting to Makin


Work continues on the next epic display build in our production warehouse. The USS Makin Island is getting some attention this week from Dan, and you can already see this massive undertaking taking shape. The plastic buckets you see are the same that store associates use to collect your BrickArms, and what our production team uses to sort every kit in your collection.

Here those buckets have been deployed to help Dan keep track of the various brick shapes and sizes that are building the hull of a mighty aircraft carrier. Soon the structure you see above will be hoisted and attached to the outer hull and the Makin Island will be upright in brick for the first time. Careful attention is needed at this stage not only to ensure that the structural integrity can hold the weight of such a huge vessel, but also allow easy tear down and setup for when the ship invariably goes on the road.

Above is just one of the things we sort with those buckets: minifigs, in this case from the already sold out Tiger Crew Pack. Remember that every kit and minifig that you purchase was hand-sorted and processed in our production facility. When the Makin Island is complete, those buckets will go back into production to sort future batches of models both new and restocked. Thank you Brickmaniacs, for continuing to support both the epic builds and the exclusive products you’ve come to know and love.

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