All Built Equal


Happy Independence Day to you all. We hope that you get a chance to enjoy a wonderful Fourth of July, despite social distancing. We also hope you get the chance to snag that kit you’ve been looking for with our current online and retail sales this weekend. And although our celebratory Revolutionary War American Soldier Minifig of the Month sold out in record time already, we hope to have another batch up next week for those who missed the first.

We also produced the Perfect Caliber BrickArms Flintlock Musket for this occasion too. Those sold out almost immediately as well, and it just shows how in-demand these amazing pieces are and how much they are enjoyed by the entire community. There’s truly nothing like a Perfect Caliber minifig accessory to bring your MOC to the next level. When you see something you want in stock, its best to scoop one up before they’re gone!

This Independence Day, we thank everyone who has courageously stood against tyranny in all forms, in all places and in all times. We owe our veterans, our activists and everyone who has marched toward progress in the past, and all those who march toward progress today. Thank you for standing up for freedom, and for using your voices to advance liberty.

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