Bricks Galore


Check out this epic haul of bricks that the cat (and Dan) dragged in! A local collection has been drafted to help build the USS Makin Island and minifigures will be either sold in our retail locations or used for your next favorite minifig of the month! There is so much material here that it will take many moons to fully sort and prepare, but like every kit we produce, each brick will be hand counted and inspected for quality.

This massive collection of pieces has taken over the Makin Island’s construction zone, and we couldn’t be more excited to see these much-needed materials ready for use. There is a lot of work left ahead for us to sort and inspect this massive cache of brick, but we are happy to have such a marvelous resupply of resources on the ground floor of our warehouse.

These bricks will find themselves not only in the Makin Island but in upcoming new releases and restocks for as far as the eye can see. The team here at Brickmania knows how to put good brick to the best uses, and these will be no exception. Getting a haul of materials like this would be impossible without the continued support of fans just like you, so once again, we say thank you for letting us work at the best job ever.

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