Packing Passion


As many of you are well aware, our Customer Service team has been hard at work! They’ve been packing and shipping orders out with a breakneck speed and we know that fans like you are appreciating the fruits of their labor around the globe. From the Minifigs of the Month both old and new to the biggest sets to the newest BrickArms, these amazing human beings get you exactly what you’ve been excited for!

We pride ourselves on our people, and we know that with all the greatest designs in the world, and with all the most amazing custom printed elements, it wouldn’t matter one iota if we weren’t able to get them into your hands. And when something doesn’t turn out to our high standards, its the Customer Service team that saves the day! We hear comments all the time about how our CS team helped save a birthday or Christmas, or how they made the difference in making sure that a MOC was complete and a collection was added to. We are constantly in awe of their talent and abilities, they have a lot of new kits and restocks every week, but they show how proficient they are at every turn!

We want to hear about your experiences with our team! How did our Customer Service team take care of you when you needed it most? When did they surprise you and how have you seen the passion in their work? What would you like them to know about your patronage and how can we let them know how much you appreciate them?

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