Brickmania Face Masks


We are all continuing to do our best to mitigate the ongoing global pandemic, and one of the most effective ways we have learned to protect our community is through the use of face coverings or masks. Brickmania has proudly sourced our swag items, like our t-shirts and hoodies, from a family-owned screen printer for years. Now, the same small business support that brought you the 20 Years of Awesome shirts and others has brought you the official Brickmania Face Mask.

Now you can show off your Brickmaniac pride whilst protecting your family and your community! If these prove to be successful, we plan to expand our offerings to other options with other art, but for the time being we are happy to support another small business and give you a stylish option to help flatten the curve with us. We definitely never thought we would have a face mask swag item before 2020, but now that they have become a necessity we are happy to help.

What kinds of designs or art would you like to see on any potential future face masks? How many face masks do you own already? How have you been helping family-owned small businesses during the COVID-era? What are your life hacks when it comes to wearing your mask comfortably?

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