Micro Brick Battle’s Boot Camp Roll Out


We are holding our first Boot Camp for Micro Brick Battle this Saturday, Oct 3rd from 3-5pm Central Standard Time to help our fans get comfortable not only with the game system itself, but also teach you how to implement our Digital Game Assets to play with friends and family online with platforms like Roll20. Learn how to play and get the free instructions to build your own units for your table at home!

Our aim is to give you the knowledge and tools that you need in order to play your own games, both at home and online. There is a lot of opportunity for Micro Brick Battle fans to create their own scenarios and play with the new rules like adding Infantry to the order of battle. Feel free to set up your own games on the forum and let us know how it goes!

What part of the Micro Brick Battle rules do you think you could use the most clarification on? How many games until you felt comfortable What scenarios would you like to put to the table now that aircraft and infantry have been added to the rules? What will you do to build a winning army?

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