Wounded Warrior Update & Micro Brick Battle Boot Camp


Our fantastic fans have already donated over $1,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project in honor of our courageous heroes. We hope that if you haven’t had the chance yet, you find it in your heart to donate to the cause today! We are in constant admiration for those who have sacrificed for the cause of freedom and democracy throughout history. We are proud of our community for honoring our military service members in this and every other way. Our hearts are filled with thanks and appreciation for each and every donation.

We are also excited for today’s Micro Brick Battle Boot Camp, which will be held online (via Roll20.net) today from 3-5pm Central Standard Time. Check out the forum for more information. Never used Roll20? No problem! It’s a simple system and totally free to use. Check out some of these resources here. You can also download the Digital Game Assets here and setup your own games for your friends and family to play while social distancing! No matter if you join us for Boot Camp or you play a game or two on your own, we hope that you have fun!

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