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One of the greatest parts of our job is honoring the heroes, both contemporary and historical, who put on the uniforms we emulate on our minifigs, and who operate the vehicles that we model. One of the coolest moments I ever had in the store was when I met a man whose father had served as a Corsair pilot during WWII. The son had bought our kit and built it for the veteran for Father’s Day, even adding his name to the side of the plane. I’ve also had the pleasure of speaking with a Vietnam veteran about his time aboard a destroyer much like the USS Nicholas that is on display in our GHQ Store.

Learning about the experiences of our veterans is a tremendous honor and privilege, and I always benefit from the conversations had. That’s why talking about, promoting and supporting a good cause like the Wounded Warrior Project is such an important effort. We all owe these courageous members of our military services and their families for their sacrifices. The defense of democracy and freedom around the world has been their cause, and now we all get a chance to give back to them. In honor of Veterans Day 2020, let’s show them our support and make a difference for those who gave us everything they had, for everything we have.

Please consider making a donation today to the Wounded Warrior Project fundraiser, and get the word out to anyone who might not know about it!

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