Full Steam Production


As many of you are already fully aware, we are now deep into the Holiday Shipping Deadlines and although we continue to ship pallets of cheer to our fans around the globe, we are already looking forward to 2021, as most of the planet is. The picture below is from our main production warehouse where the magic really comes together. These bins are full of pieces that will be hand counted and sorted into the bags that are inside each premium building kit that we ship.

Our team is planning on taking a much earned break in the warehouse, even as Customer Service continues to ship at a truly spectacular rate. We know that our fans are eagerly awaiting their packages, and once they leave our warehouse and in the hands of mail carriers, there have been known delays in the logistical chain from us to you, but rest assured that your packages are on the way and you will be building soon! As we round out another year making the worlds greatest kits, we have all of our loyal and supportive fans to thank!

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