Production’s Last Stop


Here is a look at another view of our production warehouse. We are exceedingly proud to be a part of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District and in the historic Thorp Building, which was once a top secret manufacturer of the vaunted Norton Bombsight and other war material during WWII. This particular view is taken near our Quality Control team, and the boxes shown are used to transport final building kits to the Customer Service team for shipping.

On the other side of the dividing wall is our official test builder’s desk, full of future releases. Our entire team takes pride in our work, and although these boxes might ferry new kits to the Customer Service team, in reality it was the entire staff from design to QC that made it all possible. Every kit in your collection is the result of the combined effort of everyone in the Thorp Building. Every kit, from those on your doorstep to those you see on the shelves of our Retail Stores passed through the doors you see on the right.

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