Fresh Building Techniques


As many of you are well aware, everyone inside this building takes great pride on making the very best possible building kits in the world. From the attention to detail on the historically accurate artwork, to the extra design time that is invested in making our builds sturdy and playable, our building kits take it to the next level every time. With new kits coming out every week, and a huge backlog catalog of customer requests, the team has plenty on their plate and there are always new challenges to overcome during the process.

Above you see one of Dan’s newest redesigns, this one he proudly shows off in the Design Room so that everyone can handle it and see how swooshable and resilient it is. Every time the design team tackles a new version of the kits that our fans demand the most, we find new techniques and get to explore new ways to elevate the kit to the next level. Whether its custom printed 3D accessories, or upgraded UV printed parts from the wizards who make it possible, new releases become instantly sought after in the community. Seeing the evolution of our designs over the years is not only a walk down a bricked-built memory lane, but it also tells the story of our growth as a team and highlights the endless search toward the next achievement.

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