Designer’s Bins


Every great builder has their own organizational style, and the first part of every new build starts digging around through the bins that they have curated over years. Below you can see another view of the Design Room’s brick bins, filled with every manner of piece that could potentially be used, or has been used previously, on the prototypes that you can only see in the GHQ Store. Whether it’s a MOC, a diorama or a brand new vehicle, brick builders all benefit from a robust collection, all the more reason to get in on the current MOCapolypse Now Sale on BrickArms, Stickers and MOC Accessories.

Not only do we love seeing what our fans build, but we love to see our fan’s processes and collections both of kits and of parts. We all have an appreciation for the work that goes into a great build, and we are all fans of the community. We’d love for you to share your organizational bins and the work-in-process pictures of your MOC. We are so excited to see who wins the first MOC Contest of 2021 and how the community puts our newest builds and minifigures on display for the world to enjoy! As always, we are able to do what we love because of your continued support, and for that we thank you all!

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