Don’t Sleep On the Sale


With the triumphant return of monthly themes here at Brickmania, this month’s Vietnam theme will hopefully inspire some truly amazing MOCs in the community. Our first bi-annual MOC Contest for 2021 is Vietnam themed, and we are excited to see the fan community shine in the submissions! To support that end, our MOCapoclyse Sale ends on Sunday and is the perfect chance to stock up on all those details that take your dioramas to the next level!

Above you’ll see Holly in one of her favorite places to nap. If you follow us on social media you already know why she’s so tired. She was able to track down an excellent Holly’s Haul of highly sought after items (there might be a few left in stock now, so be sure to check). We definitely wouldn’t want you to sleep on this sale on MOC Accessories, BrickArms and Stickers so get your order in now with coupon code BUILDIT and have fun building!

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