Nighthawk Returns


The F-117® (A) Nighthawk® is already coming back as a restock preorder, and for good reason! These majestic birds are iconic, innovative and insanely swooshable! Scheduled to return to the webstore on Monday, the Nighthawk is nothing short of a next-level build. The most recent big build from Dan, the F-117 changed modern warfare in Desert Storm, and they continue to be shrouded in secrecy and stories of their unmatched glory. Just like the real life vehicle, this brick built model has pushed the limits of the medium and we know that it will be a joy for our fans to build and display in their collections. Make sure to get yourself one of these on Monday because we don’t know when we can source the parts or find production time for another batch!

The reason we are able to continue to produce licensed kits like this one, and keep innovating on brick built kits in this way is because of the continued support from our fans and the community we serve. These sets are enormous undertakings, and in some ways there are things we are able to do only because we can count on the community to support them. The Nighthawk is a perfect example, the initial batch sold out on launch day and we immediately scheduled this restock so that more of our fans can get a chance to build this fantastic aircraft. We pride ourselves on leaning into our fan suggestions and giving the community what they want most. We can’t always get the parts to do another run, or otherwise can’t change our schedule to accommodate a hot seller, but this is one case where the stars aligned and we are excited for the next batch, so if this is a set you have your eyes on, don’t sleep on it!

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