Brickmania Custom Minifigs Head for the BKM Vault

Brickmaniacs! There has been tons of excitement for the arrival of discontinued Brickmania custom minifigs soon to be available in the BKM Vault starting 4/1/2021. Those familiar with the BKM Vault know that items arrive the first Thursday of the month (most months) at 8:00 AM (CDT/CST) and that quantities are extremely limited, usually just one. Additionally, the price of BKM Vault items reflect their collectability, making vault drops different from Holly’s Hauls or random weekly restocks. All BKM Vault items, including the upcoming minifigs, can be found in the BKM Vault category under the Shop icon on our website.

Here are some of the important notes regarding the soon-to-arrive Brickmania custom minifigs

  • When available, BKM Vault minifigs will join kits in the 8:00 AM (CST/CDT) drops the first Thursday of each month.
  • BKM Vault minifigs will be shipped in a standard plastic clamshell with an exclusive backing card signed by Lando.
  • BKM Vault minifigs quantities will vary more so than kits but will remain extremely limited.
  • BKM Vault minifigs with multiple inventory will be limit one minifig per customer.
  • BKM Vault minifigs are sold as is, and are not eligible for return or exchange. No exceptions.
  • Like the BKM Vault kits, price will reflect collectability and vary from minifig to minifig.
  • Renders of the original artwork are pictured online. BKM Vault minifigs may vary slightly between production runs and updates in printing technology.
  • Once a Brickmania custom minifig has appeared in the BKM Vault it will no longer be produced in that form by Brickmania.

Pretty standard procedure for those familiar with the kits in the BKM Vault. The minifigs will just be an addition! We’ve certainly enjoyed collecting the various discontinued minifigs headed for the vault and are excited to get them into the hands of people who will cherish them! Check out the photo below for a sneak peek at the 4/1/2021 lineup – and it’s not even the whole haul!

Happy Building! And good luck in the BKM Vault!

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