Brickmania In Spaaace!


With April’s Space Race monthly theme on the horizon, our fans are getting the chance to get launched into orbit with our newest preorder set: the Gemini Space Capsule. It has already sold out just like the fabulous Titan II and we know that fans will be looking to build this amazing kit as soon as they get them. Featuring two magnificent Gemini Astronaut minifigures and three segmented sub-models that fit both of the custom Gemini Astronaut minifigs in the reentry module, this is a set that space lovers will not want to miss as a restock!

Seen above in our designer’s room display case, we are confident this kit will be something that will take your collection beyond the stratosphere. Our Astronaut minifigures are some of those that we have received the most love and attention for, and for good reason! This addition to our space race kit lineup is surely to be one of those which, like the real life Gemini project, shall stand the test of time. Designed by our very own Amanda Feuk & Camera Guy, this is a set that was out of stock and into outer space before you could blink!

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