World’s BES(t) Stickers


Yesterday we were proud to launch the first Brickmania Digital Instructions (eBooks) for fans around the world to enjoy. These have been a long time coming, and we know that the community has been excited about this initiative and they have certainly supported the launch of the new products already. We know that many of our fans, especially those overseas, cannot afford the cost of customs and shipping for our printed Instruction Books, and this allows those fans to build their favorite Brickmania kits.

The picture above is the stack of Brickmania eBook Stickers (BES) for the M1A2 Abrams (BKE897). We have also been hard at work stocking the exclusive elements that are used in the creation of these amazing models, from Brickmania Track Links™ to the AMX-13 Muzzle Brake. We also have both stickers and downloadable instructions for the Leopard 2A7, F-35B Lightning II, Merkava, Type 99A, Ariete, Char Leclerc, K2 Black Panther and the F-14 Tomcat. These main battle tanks and aircraft have been some of the most requested restocks from our fan community. If you’ve wanted them in the past, here’s your chance to build your own! We are extremely excited to provide these amazing full-color Digital Instructions for the world to build with!

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