New Suggestion Box


Since we created our original “Official Suggestion Box” in December 2019, we’ve received over 2,626 unique suggestions from our fans. That’s on average around 5 submissions per day and we couldn’t be more thankful for our community’s thoughts and feedback! Many of these requests have since become reality, from the F-117 Nighthawk to the enormous Mohawk, all the way to the highly requested updated Huey. We love hearing from our fans, and we are often inspired by your suggestions and interests!

Many things have changed since 2019, both online and in our retail stores. We’ve started carrying Warhammer, Bolt Action, Asmodee and others in our retail locations, and we’ve changed our webstore theme to better serve our growing community. We thought it was time for a new Official Suggestion Box and it’s here for you! As always, we thank our fan community for their continuous support and for every suggestion, we are constantly trying to find new ways to serve you better and connect with you. Keep building, and remember that winners aren’t born, they’re built!

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