Preorder Today; Avoid Regret Tomorrow


There are only a few units left available for two of the newest Exclusive Preorders. Both the Humvee® 2-CT™ Hawkeye – Mobile Howitzer System and the Humvee® 2-CT™ – HMMWV M1152 Cargo Carrier are nearly sold out already so don’t miss your chance to get these amazing kits before they’re out of stock! We often get requests for new Humvees, and these two are fresh from the design room (you can see them here on the desk of our test builder). Great for any Modern or Future war MOC, both of these kits will be a worthy addition to your collection.

Just like many of our products (especially those dealing with Modern Warfare themes like these), we don’t expect these kits to be in stock for much longer so make sure to grab one today so that you don’t regret missing out tomorrow. Although we plan to restock these in the future, they are not currently listed for a restock and our 2021 schedule is filling up fast. Once they do sell out, it will be inevitable that we’ll start hearing requests for their return. Making these fantastic sets for our fans to enjoy continues to be the pinnacle of joy for us. Thanks for all of your support!


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