Perfect Caliber


We are exceedingly proud of our custom made UV printed Perfect Caliber™ Weapons and our Perfect Caliber™ Wearables. These magnificent MOC and minifig accessories are industry-leading and extremely sought after by our fan community. Nothing truly takes your MOC or your newest minifigure to the next level like a Perfect Caliber™ weapon or wearable. We love seeing these in your builds so please share your pictures and stories with us!

Be sure to check out our Perfect Caliber™ Archive to see our extensive back catalog and stay tuned for more amazing Perfect Caliber™ products in the future! We are always delighted to see how well received these are from our fans, and our team takes great joy and pride producing them. Do you have ideas for a new Perfect Caliber™ weapon or wearable that you would like to see in the future? Head over to the Official Suggestion Box and let us know!

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