Brickmania Goes Medieval! August 2021 Monthly Theme Fan Polls!

Brickmaniacs! It’s time once again to let your voice be heard! For August 2021, Brickmania is going medieval and we need your help to choose how we do it! First, you’ll choose which epic age you’d like to see kits produced for. Then, you can choose the style of kits you’d like to see – we’re partial to the classic 80’s throwback, but that’s just us. And finally, you can let us know if you’d like to see a medieval modular set with new components each week!

We’re crazy excited for #MedievalBricks by Brickmania coming August of 2021! No matter what direction we take the theme, our plan is to release some of Brickmania’s classic castle sets as digital instructions! Most of which have not been available for ages!

Stay tuned for an official theme announcement, and thank for your input!

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