Brickmania Expands, V4


Even though we are still waiting for the final touches for it to be fully operational, we wanted to give our fans a look at the new employee breakroom that has come with our recent warehouse expansion. While we continue to produce the world’s greatest selection of building kits and minifigures, we are constantly pushing the envelope both in the industry and as a company to improve our process and our work environment. This new breakroom might not be in working order yet, but we are thankful for the support that our community has given us that keeps us fed!

We are all intimately aware that these expansions could not be possible without the continued support of our fan community. Every new product we release, every restock and every event we hold is our way of servicing our fans. It is our supreme joy and pride of purpose to see our fans excited to get their box in the mail and their model on the shelf. We thank each and everyone of our fans, from those who are buying sticker packs to those buying our biggest sets: you make it all possible!

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