BrickMini Exclusives!


Those fans who follow Micro Brick Battle probably already know about this, but we’re super excited to be a part of BrickMini’s Second Wave Kickstarter where the next generation of Nano Soldiers are being supported for future deployment on the battlefield! Brickmania will be producing two exclusive sets in support of BrickMini’s Kickstarter campaign. We hope that our fans will give their air support to this awesome effort, and we can’t wait to hit the table with these fantastic new Nano Soldiers!

Both of these sets were designed by our Micro Brick Battle community moderator Grasshopper Squadron and we’re excited to see them in action! There’s simply no better way to get your Nano Soldiers behind enemy lines and securing strategic points than using these two iconic birds to get them to the area of operations! We look forward to the future of Micro Brick Battle marching forward with BrickMini!

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