The Windy City Seeks a New Assistant Manager!

The Brickmania Chicago Store in Schaumburg, IL is seeking an Assistant Manager! Since our recent retail expansion, and with the lifting of pandemic regulations, there’s now more to do at Brickmania retail stores than ever before. And with more to come!

As part of the Brickmania Chicago Store team, you’ll work with store manager Jackson to create a unique and inviting atmosphere for hardcore Brickmaniacs and curious enthusiasts alike while keeping the shelves stocked with Brickmania products, new Warhammer releases, Cobi kits, LEGO goodies, and much more!

Plus, Brickmania Game Nights, MOC Mondays, and more are just around the corner! As a member of the Brickmania Chicago Store team, you’ll help coordinate with other local businesses (such as pizza shops, etc.) to provide incredible game night and MOC contest experiences for gamers and builders on a weekly basis!

At Brickmania we value our position in the community no matter where we are. We believe in businesses helping businesses, and as a part of the Brickmania Chicago team you’ll help foster new relationships and bring the awesomeness that is Brickmania to new eyes!

Finally, as an employee first company we believe in taking care of those who take care of us. First and foremost. At Brickmania any job can be what you make it, and we often look to retail locations when job opportunities at our headquarters in Minneapolis, MN become available. Once you’ve joined the team, the rest is up to you! Whether it’s design, graphics, printing, or marketing, there’s a place for all passionate, hardworking individuals at Brickmania!

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