Makin Progress


As Dan and the design team continue to make extraordinary progress on the USS Makin Island, its been enormously fun to see it take shape in the center of our production warehouse. The team is working hard to get ready for our upcoming events starting later this month. Those of you who follow Dan’s Instagram have undoubtedly seen many angles of it, and those of us who work in the building continue to be in awe of this brick-built marvel.

Ever since World War Brick was postponed and the global pandemic forced us off the road, we have been excited to get back out and see the fans again. Our upcoming road tour will be exceedingly fun for those who get to go and for the fans who get to see us out amongst the bricks and mocs again. Seeing the Makin Island pulled apart and set up again in another state will be a huge joy, and watching the jaws drop and fan reactions will be the ultimate victory. We hope to see you on the road!

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