Going Medieval


Yesterday marked the launch of Brickmania’s #MedievalBricks monthly theme and we all couldn’t be more excited about it. The Roman Porta is our first foray into the medieval era in a long time and we’re excited to share it with the fan community and see what they build with it! Dan’s pulled out all of his old castle sets for inspiration, and we’ve all been appreciating the new challenges and the return to a “classic Brickmania” theme.

The above picture was taken from the long desk in the Design Room, just feet from Dan’s desk. We know that there are long time fans of Dan’s work that are excited to see us return to this theme, and we also know that our fan community is thrilled to see a new generation of epic builds. The Roman theme in particular was the result of our Fan Poll that saw the Romans beat out both Vikings and Samurai for popular demand. We still plan to make kits in those other themes, but we wanted to lean into what the fans wanted most and this is just first part of that effort! Stay tuned for more awesomeness and let us know what you think about #MedievalBricks month!

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