Roman Legionary


The highly anticipated launch of our #MedievalBricks Minifig of the Month is almost upon us. Here is a sneak peak at the photo studio where the action shot was taken, along with some of the first fully assembled Brickmania-exclusive Roman Legionary custom minifigures. These figures are some of the most unique we’ve ever created, with custom 3D and UV printing and original artwork, the Legionary will be one of the greatest additions to any minifig collection.

These figures would feel well at home in the Castra. The design team has truly set a new standard for accessories and elements, with armor that was designed entirely for this figure. The designers really broke the mold on this one and a great example of how truly fantastic we can make our figs. Fans of ancient history and the Roman Empire will definitely want an entire cohort of these to field. Don’t miss out on the chance to own one of these premium minifigures.

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