Medieval Month Marches On


Regular readers and fans saw the new Praetorium – Roman Fort Commander’s House preorder launch yesterday, adding to the epic Drakkar Viking Raiding Ship and Castra Roman Fort Barracks for #MedievalBricks month. Don’t forget that we aren’t producing many of these fantastic builds so get them while they are still available! The custom 3D printed elements and exclusive minifigures are truly game changing for any collection. On Wednesday we also released Digital Instructions for some of our oldest builds, the Crossroads & Salty Anchor Taverns and the Country Mill.

Above you can see the prototypes on our test builder’s desk for yesterday’s new releases, the Trebuchet – Catapult and the Carroballista – Cart-Mounted Ballista. These are supremely cool builds that any medieval MOC would benefit from. These siege weapons are some of the first of their type in our catalog and we’re excited to give ancient-era MOC builders a new element to add to their favorite dioramas. What’s been your favorite #MedievalBricks release so far? What are you most excited to build with what you’ve seen already? We love hearing from our fans so use your favorite social media platform and let us know what you think!

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