Romans Advancing


Here’s a picture from our Customer Service department of the now sold out Porta – Roman Fort Gatehouse, ready to ship. There are still a few copies of the Castra and Praetorium on the webstore, and even though the first batch of the Medieval Minifig of the Month – Roman Legionary is currently sold out, be sure to jump onto the site on Monday for the next restock of these brilliant figures. If you aren’t signed up for our newsletter, make sure you do so you don’t miss out on anything new!

Medieval month has already got a lot of people in the community talking about new MOCs and dioramas, and with the throwback builds now available from our Digital Instructions lineup such as the Country Mill, the Country Farm and the Crossroads Tavern + Salty Anchor Tavern, there’s enough to build an entire town surrounding your Roman Fort!

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