#MinifigMonday is Here! Plus, Restocks and Restock Preorders!

Time once again for #MinifigMonday on brickmania.com! This week features the return of the Vietnam ACAV Crew Pack, Roman Legionary Soldier, Tiger Crew Pack, and more! Plus, the FV101 Scorpion/FV107 Scimitar, Centurion C-RAM, and M1151A1 HUMVEE® are back on restock preorder! Talk about a great start to the week! As always, tune into the Monday SitRep for a closer look at everything back on brickmania.com!

Here’s a look at the complete rundown…

Restock Preorders:

M1151A1 HUMVEE® – Enhanced Weapon Carrier with CROWS

FV101 Scorpion/FV107 Scimitar – Light Tank

Centurion C-RAM – Land-Based Phalanx® Weapon System


MUTT M151 – 1/4 Ton 4×4 Utility Truck

Tiger 131 – Micro Brick Battle Game Piece

Tiger Crew Pack

Vietnam ACAV Crew Pack

Vietnam War US Navy SEAL

Roman Legionary Soldier [MOTM]

Vietnam BrickArms® Helmet with Mitchell Pattern

Born to Kill Vietnam BrickArms® Helmet with Mitchell Pattern

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