Fielding Roman Armies


Yesterday was another busy launch day for us, with the launch of Exclusive Preorders for the AAV-P7/A1 and the brilliant Pink Panther, as well as the official release of the Onager, Drakkar and the sold out Principia – Roman Fort Headquarters. With only one week left of Medieval Bricks Month, the clashing swords and battle cries of this era of Brickmania history is about to be in the books.

We still eagerly await to see what the fan community is able to do with all of our newest products like the Woodgrain Tile Pack, French Banner and Shield and siege weapons like the Carroballista and the iconic Trebuchet. With only a few copies of the Castra still available, and all of the Roman Legionary and Roman Auxiliary Archers sold out, the fans clearly got behind the theme and we’re happy that we were able to add these amazing new figures and kits to your collections.

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