Building Roman History


As we close the book on Brickmania’s epic #MedievalBricks monthly theme, there are still some Roman kits and some of the the Roman Legionary still available. Between the brand new Da Vinci kit and minifigure, the French Banner and Shield, the Castra – Barracks, and the fantastic Praetorium – Commander’s House, there are a lot of new things that an collector would want for their shelf. If you haven’t seen it already, check out this awesome animation the team did based on Dan’s explanation of the Roman Fort:

This week we also released some of the oldest Brickmania sets in our catalog in Digital Instructions. Profoundly iconic sets such as the Tower of Vlad Dracula, the Highland Keep and the created by fan request Guarded Church Expansion Modules, and the brilliantly designed Japanese Castle. Between these and siege weapons like the Onager, Carroballista and the Trebuchet, there is plenty of new potential for ancient-era MOC builders!

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