Charging Ahead


Yesterday’s release of the Roman Chariot (which sold out almost immediately) concludes 2021’s #MedievalBricks month, which saw the release of epic new building sets like the Roman Fort and the re-release of some of Brickmania’s oldest kits in Digital Instruction format. Used primarily for racing rather than militarily, the Two-Wheeled Racing Cart is one of those sets that an entire ancient era MOC could be built around.

As we look forward to the highly anticipated #SpecOps month, we’ve already seen a lot of fans jumping onto our Exclusive Pre-orders to get in on the first batch of these amazing new releases. The Pink Panther SAS Land Rover has been a hit amongst the fans already, and taken with the Westland Lysander these are excellent editions to any World War II collection. The modern era fans will be excited for both the MK V SOC and the AAV-P7/A1 which will be crucial in getting your special forces to their operational MOC destination.

What was your favorite kit or minifigure from Medieval Bricks? What is the kit that you are most excited about for SpecOps? What minifigs or kits would you like to see from a future Medieval Bricks month? Let us know at the Official Suggestion Box or tag us on your favorite social media platform!

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