Holly’s Watch


It’s been a while since we had a post about our official mascot, Holly the office kitty. Although she might be the most recognizable Pet@BKM, and the only one in one of our official products so far, she isn’t the only one fed by the continued support of our fan community. Everyone who works at Brickmania has pride in what we do, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to both count bricks or build with them.

On this particular day, Holly sits on a box in the customer service office, surveying those who do the good work of shipping minifigures, sticker packs, pre-orders and all manner of awesome products around the world. We love seeing the MOCs that our fans create with our products, and we love hearing from service members and their families about what it means to hold a building kit in their hand that resonates with them. Every single day we get to do what we do because of each and every one of you, so once again, we say thank you for keeping Holly fed.

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