Brickmania 2021 Veteran and Active Service Member Spotlight: Justin Haun

For November 2021 Brickmania has elected to spotlight several deserving individuals who are military veterans or active service members and part of the military LEGO community. Our goal is to show those new to this community that it is supportive and welcoming, and that no one is alone.

We’re also working in conjunction with the Minnesota Military Family Foundation to raise money all month long to support service families in need. For more info, click HERE.

Today’s spotlight is: Justin Haun

My name is Justin Haun and I’ve been an Fan of Lego since I was about 2 or 3 when I got Lego Duplo at that age. Since then, I’ve been growing up on Legos and have a HUGE collection. I 1st got into 3rd party custom Lego company’s and the custom Lego community about 12 years ago in about 2009 when I found out about Brickmania and Brickarms. That’s when I started to try to make my own designs and started down the very expensive hobbie of buying and collecting Brickmania and other 3rd party custom military Lego kits, minifgures and weapons. After high school in 2016, I joined the United States Marine Corps, earning both the tittle of United States Marine and the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) of 0311/ 8152. Being an 0311 aka “grunt” (Infantry Rifleman) and 8152 (Security Forces) meant that we locate, close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver or to repel the enemy’s assault by fire and close combat. I have been in 5 years, earning the rank of Sergeant while deploying a number of times to a few amazing places in the world. Now, I am part of the Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) community aka “LARSOC” as we like to joke that we are! With being in the Marines, it has not only been amazing to see Brickmania and other 3rd party custom company’s create amazing products that look very, very close to what we use not only in the Marines but in the military. Plus, it has fueled my collection to grow to where it is now!! And with my daughter princess Leia being gifted to my wife and I, I can now show here the amazing and wonderful things called Lego and Brickmania!!!!

Find Justin on social media as: juan_solo_98

We asked those participating in this month’s spotlights to submit photos of themselves, the work they’ve done, and their military LEGO collections. Find them in the gallery below!

A special thanks to all who participated in this year’s spotlights, and an additional thanks to all those helping raise money for the good people at the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. Brickmaniacs are truly the best fans in the world!

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