Great War Bricks Minifig Monday! Popular Restocks for the Holidays!

We’re kicking off the week with a #GreatWarBricks #MinifigMonday! Plus, popular restocks like the Bell® OH-58(D) Kiowa Warrior™, Bell® H-13 Sioux, and more just in time for the holidays! It’s all live now at!

Here’s a look at the complete rundown:

Restock Preorders:

Bell® OH-58(D) Kiowa Warrior™ – Light Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter

Type 95 Ha-Go – Light Tank

Bell® H-13 Sioux – MASH Helicopter


UTV – Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle

7.7cm FK 96 N.A – World War I Field Gun

WWI Italian Arditi

WWI German Infantry

WWI German Stormtrooper

Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms Gewehr 98 w/ Bayonet

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