Brickmania 2021 Veteran and Active Service Member Spotlight: Shawn Proudfoot

For November 2021 Brickmania has elected to spotlight several deserving individuals who are military veterans or active service members and part of the military LEGO community. Our goal is to show those new to this community that it is supportive and welcoming, and that no one is alone.

We’re also working in conjunction with the Minnesota Military Family Foundation to raise money all month long to support service families in need. For more info, click HERE.

Today’s spotlight is: Shawn Proudfoot

My name is Shawn Proudfoot, originally from LaCrosse, WI and joined the Army in 1992 and retired as a SFC (Sergeant First Class) in 2013. I served as an MOS 13M MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) Crew Member my entire career with additional duty positions sprinkled in along the way.
My tour of duty had me assigned Fort Sill, OK, Home of the “King of Battle” Field Artillery, for a majority of my career but spent time at Fort Riley, KS, Fort Lewis, WA, White Sands Missile Range, NM, 29 Palms, CA, Fort Chaffee, AK, and Milwaukee Recruiting BN (Duty LaCrosse) as an Army Recruiter as well. My overseas tours had me stationed in Korea and deployed to Iraq, Kuwait, UAE at various times.
The joy of LEGO takes me back to my earliest memories, the late 1970s with my first memory as set 588 Police Headquarters from 1978, and has been with me ever since and has even passed though my children and soon to be through my new Granddaughter I hope. Finding a connection to my other passion, aviation, I found the Brickmania F-14 Tomcat and my life hasn’t been the same since. Building military and aviation kits has brought a whole new life to my collection and I enjoy seeing pieces from the past for me to remember the good old days and the present to see where the military is going since I retired. The pride of my collection has become the Brickmania MLRS Launcher which represents my time in service very well.
Thank you for taking the time to recognize myself and other veterans for all they have done and continue to do and thank you for giving us a way to ride down memory lane through our joy or LEGO.

Find Shawn on social media as: proudbrickfoot

We asked those participating in this month’s spotlights to submit photos of themselves, the work they’ve done, and their military LEGO collections. Find them in the gallery below!

A special thanks to all who participated in this year’s spotlights, and an additional thanks to all those helping raise money for the good people at the Minnesota Military Family Foundation. Brickmaniacs are truly the best fans in the world!

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