Minifig Monday!

Massive Minifig Monday over at, we have mountains of minifigs and accessories dropping including Modern Marine Raider II, WWII US Filthy Thirteen Paratrooper, Modern US Marine Raider (the original), and WWII US Army Ranger – 2nd Rangers at Pointe du Hoc. Stock up on these highly detailed figures and the accessories to support them. Including the brilliant Nachtjäger Pack, Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1 Carbine Para and Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® M1 Garand. we’re also restocking the Air Raid Shelter & Minefield Sign Tiles for your MOCs. CHP Motorcycle Duo and Mercury-Redstone 3 Rocket. Our restock pre-orders are amazing as well, Albatros D.V – German Fighter Aircraft and Panzer III Ausf F – WWII German Medium Tank. PHEW! that was a monday mouthful! have a great week!

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