Sneak Peek! T–80BVM “Bunny”

T–80BVM “Bunny” Captured Russian MBT

Ukrainian “Bunny” T-80BVM

Eight days into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a rifleman commandeered this specialized Russian T-80 tank. This version has been fitted with mine rakes and a modernized autoloader increasing the rate of fire and variety of munitions available from its upgraded 125mm main gun. The tank also features a unique mascot, a stuffed bunny, which lends the tank its name. The T-80 was built only two years ago and was found abandoned in a field near the commander’s hometown of Kharkiv. Under the direction of its new owner, the now Ukrainian T-80 got right to work, reportedly destroying over two dozen Russian military vehicles, including several tanks.

This Friday you can have a chance at preordering one of these limited-edition kits featuring smooth rolling tracks and suspension, custom mine rakes and of course a bunny mascot minifig. Order now while supplies last. A portion of the proceeds from sales of the T-80 “Bunny” tank goes to benefit direct relief for the people of Ukraine! almost $100,000 raised by Brickmaniacs so far!  Thank you!

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