Project Ukraine Updates!

Brickmaniacs have raised over $118,000 for direct relief to the people of Ukraine and procured some pretty cool kits while they’re at it. Right now on we’re celebrating this with an updated Ghost of Kyiv’ MiG-29, a restock of the Ukrainian Rifleman minifig and we’re happy to announce the An-225 Mriya kit is finally shipping. There are a few left from our pre order campaign and this model won’t be available again so get one while you can. We’re also releasing two new models on digital instruction download. The F6F-5 Hellcat and the Police Spinner are now available as well as the corresponding sticker packs. We’re in full World War Brick mode here so keep your eyes peeled for special deals and promotions surrounding our big event! If you’re coming to minneapolis, we will see you this weekend, and if not, have a great week anyway!

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